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There’s no getting away from it. I am aging.

I would like to say it doesn’t bother me but I’d be lying. I would like to stop dying my hair but I won’t. I would like to try all these new amazing cosmetic treatments but I won’t. And most importantly, I would like to feel that I’m still visible.

But I’m sensible and happy and know it’s inevitable. But I also know make up makes me feel good (Thanks mum for your words of wisdom) so I will continue to research, trial and test products which make me feel the best I can.

I’m away on my lovely skiing holiday (sarcastic tone applied here- read previous blog to understand) and to make me feel better and less despondent about my terrible skiing, I like to apply some make up.

For women over 50 I know I need colour, whether that’s in my complexion, blush or lipstick and I have a quick morning routine ( 2 minutes max) involving 5 products.

I love Charlotte Tilbury’s tinted moisturiser. It gives a little colour and stops me looking washed out and is quick and easy to apply with fingers. A cream blush (Trinny London) is easier to apply and you can put it on your eyelids and lips if you like. Any black mascara (Maybelline is always a good option) but only on the top lashes. Leave the bottom lashes for evenings out. You don’t need an eye liner but again I like Charlotte Tilbury’s which are soft and don’t drag and not black. (ELF and Kiko also do some good alternatives) And finally a creamy lipstick like Clinique’s chubby stick. As you can see I love a pencil too.

Pictures below of before and after. Not the best, as taken on ski holiday in small bathroom with minimal lighting but you get the idea.




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