Welcome to my first blog. Actually, it’s not my first, as I began writing a blog years ago, but life got busy and I stopped. It’s hard picking something back up again and, of course, there is the dreaded fear that no-one will read what you’ve written.

When I looked back at my old posts, I noticed that the popular ones were those with an element of how to do something, offering ideas or advice and making suggestions or recommendations, and it made me wonder. 

I love to walk listening to podcasts. Freakonomics Radio is the excellent spin off podcast by the authors of the book Freakonomics (I can recommend if you’ve never read it). Recently Stephen Dubner was discussing ‘How to succeed at failing’. There are four episodes covering a variety of subjects and it touches on all aspects of failure including, inventions, business, education and relationships. I found it fascinating, and it inspired me to try again.

So here I am, in the middle stage of my life (I hope) giving it another go. And if you are reading this, I hope you try again at something you’d given up on. Maybe this time will be successful for both of us.

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