AI, Social Media, and Growth: A Journey After 50

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Following on from my last post, ‘Will AI save us time?’ I’ve made a radical decision. I am back on social media. “What changed your mind?” I hear you cry.

Life After 50: Embracing Change and Social Media

After 28 years of caring for others, I now have time to care for myself (partly because of my children leaving home and partly a husband playing a lot of golf!) but mainly because it’s time. Time for a change and because I now have the time to embrace the world around me, and that includes technology and social media. I want to share my journey of making small, yet impactful, changes (more on this in my next post) to enrich my life and I’m starting with navigating the world of social media. I’m hopeful it will be a positive experience.

Why rejoin?

Reconnecting with friends and family is the biggest draw of social media. And while I enjoy seeing updates from family and friends, that’s not why I have returned.

Two reasons.

  • One – I write books and if I want anyone (other than family and friends) to read them, I have to market my work.
  • Two – I like to learn and if I can help get information out to others, then it will make me feel good too.

Learning and Growth

My father always impressed upon me the importance of education. Educating ourselves makes us more powerful and valuable. If you want to read a story about someone who embodies this, then I can recommend ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover. A remarkable and inspiring read about how you can educate yourself through books and transform your life, even if you’ve never been in a classroom.


I have always enjoyed learning and now I have a new love … AI. I’ve never been into technology and I’m not tech savvy but I love AI and am having so much fun playing with it. (It created the above crowd scene image and helped with the title of this post). It has helped me and others already in so many ways (see earlier post) and I will be writing more on it. Social media is a steep learning platform for me, but with the help of my new friends (Claude, Chat and Gemini) I hope to tackle my fear of SM and produce better content.

The Benefits of Social Media After 50

As well as the mental stimulation, engaging with others through social media will help to grow my community and find new ones. I have become friends with many wonderful women recently, all from different walks of life with unique skills and strengths. One is a dressage/rider/trainer who set up her own business and is now a brand ambassador for a jodphur clothing company. You can find her sites at

Another has qualified as a coach and EFT practitioner to help women improve their emotional health. You can find her at

Conclusion: It’s never too late to embrace change

Although my children leaving home was not a change I was looking forward to (see earlier post), it has enabled me to embrace change and to enjoy new experiences (I’m more productive too!)

If you want to know more about AI and what I’ve been doing, then please follow me. Each week, I’ll share updates about my writing journey and any other small changes I’m making so we can learn together and embrace change, whatever our age.


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